Bill first worked on Land&People as a consultant in 1989, writing almost all of what was then a 12-page brochure. As  the publication grew into a real magazine, he began to write features and shorter copy. In 2007, he took over editorship of Land&People, supervised a redesign, and served as editor for eight years. In addition to assigning and editing all the feature content–and occasionally crafting a feature himself–Bill wrote all the short content and supervised all design and production. A review of the magazine will give you a pretty good idea of Bill’s standards as a writer and editor.

Online Land&People – issues from 2008.

Four of Bill’s own features from the magazine (PDF)
“The Once and Future River”   – A Hispanic community in Santa Fe works to restore its river.
“True North” – Protecting the Midwest’s Northwoods.
“The Quinault’s Quest” – Resolving a century-old boundary dispute helps a Northwest tribe protect its reservation.
“A Partnership for the Northern Sierra” – Five conservation organizations band together to protect a mountain landscape.